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Peruvian Feast with James Corden

I recently went on a trip to Peru and I couldn't wait to share my new mastery of Peruvian cooking with my old friend, James Corden.

I love to travel, especially when I can make it a trip with close friends. I recently got back from Peru with my friend, Susan Sarandon. We visited Machu Picchu and she introduced me to her shaman. It was a totally life changing experience.

As soon as James came over, I started making Pisco Sours. This is the best thing to get started with when you're about to eat a 4 course Peruvian meal.

Cheers to our many years of friendship!

Our first course was a very special ceviche (aka cebiche). The reason why this is so special is because it is leche de tigre ("milk of the tiger").

Leche de tigre is said to be an aphrodisiac, a hangover cure, and more. It's basically the solution to everything. This particular ceviche had toasted mancha and sweet potatoes. There will be a lot of potatoes today...

The recipe for this Ceviche de pescado con leche de tigre is a secret recipe from Lolinda's restaurant.

When I told James about "milk of the tiger", he was very interested. He took the whole bowl and poured the magical elixir into his mouth.

Pinkies out, always. British people are so proper!

Next on the menu was Causa limeña from Dulce & Salado. Causa limeña is a cold dish that is basically a flavorful mashed potato, layered with some type of chicken or seafood salad and avocados. The recipe I used, called for tuna salad, but I was more in a chicken mood, so that's what I did! There are several ways to make variations on this dish.

James was going to just try to eat half, since he knew there was more food coming, but it was so good, he decided he had to eat the whole thing.

He's so happy!

The next course was a classic lomo saltado from 196 Flavors. It's like a beef stir fry with french fries and rice. I'm absolutely OK with double carbs. For more on the interesting history of this dish, click the link.

Aji Amarillo was an important player in today's meal. It's not something you can find in stores very easily, but luckily I have access to the world's finest ingredients. So I can basically make whatever I want whenever I want.

Here is my offering of lomo saltado. The llama t-shirt wasn't a coincidence. I planned my outfit perfectly.

There's something so comforting about this combination of beef, tomatoes, red onions, french fries and white rice. Didn't I say there would be a lot of potatoes?

Sitting down to the lomo saltado was really great because all the hard work of the day was done. I had no more cooking left to do and I could just sit with James and just get caught up. Ever since I got him to come to the states, it's been a total whirlwind for him. I'm so thrilled about the success he's had here. I told him it would happen! Who knew that our car rides together where we would sing all the time would turn into such a success?!

There was only one thing left to do... eat dessert!!!

I started the night before on my crema volteada (peruvian flan). I used this instant pot flan recipe from One Happy Housewife as a guide for my dessert, but made a few slight changes to make it more like crema volteada, which has more vanilla. I had it sitting in the fridge over night and all I had to do was put a plate on top and flip it over. I had to concentrate very hard.

James had to take a quick break from my delicious food so he could coordinate his next carpool karaoke. He's always asking me for celebrity connections to get them on the show, so I went ahead and let him have Usher's phone number. Usher loves me...

Actually, James is usually asking me to be a guest on the Late Late Show, but I just don't want the attention. I've never really been the kind of person who likes everything to be about them. I'll let some other celebrity do that!

The flan flip worked out great! I knew I would do a good job...

This particular dessert has a little more vanilla than regular flan. This dessert was so creamy and delicious. James was in heaven.

Look at that beauty! I'm ready to dig in!

Overall, a very successful Peruvian feast- better than anything I've had in Peru. James had never really had authentic Peruvian food like this and he was instantly obsessed. He's already begging me for more!

Note from Famous Adriane's lawyer:

As Famous Adriane's legal counsel, I am required by law to state unequivocally that Famous Adriane has no personal relationship with James Corden.

Sure, she has had many singalongs in her car, but never with James Corden and in fact, she is usually all alone.

Her story about going to Machu Picchu with Susan Sarandon is also false. Famous Adriane has never been to Peru. The closest she got was a Peruvian restaurant in Baltimore, MD (which is very good, by the way).

The details of this blog are purely a work of fiction and Famous Adriane makes no financial gains as a result.

-Mort Lawman, LL.M.



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