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Chicken Fried Steak with Eddie Huang

Friend and fellow chef, Eddie Huang, stopped by for a nice, big, southern breakfast.

Eddie has been super busy lately traveling around and doing this and that. It's been a while since I've seen him and I could hardly recognize him! He looked like he had lost weight and even grew his hair out. I had a feeling he maybe needed some comfort food so I went and bought a deep fryer and invited him over to try it out.

Since I've never made chicken fried steak before, I followed this recipe from How to Feed a Loon. It starts with cubed steak and then you season them and dip them in batter and dredge them in flour. The flour is what makes these guys so crispy. Then it's off to the deep fryer they go!

Eddie likes to #doitforthegram. He was snapping pictures left and right.

How can you resist these beautiful fried steaks? I told Eddie he has to eat at LEAST two!

Here is our plate. It looks good, but it's missing one very important thing...


Here is Eddie's first helping. Sometimes "Chicken Fried Steak" is referred to as "Country Fried Steak". The reason why steak would be called "chicken fried" is because it's fried LIKE a chicken, not because it IS chicken. For some reason that's confusing to people... Eddie knew exactly what I meant when I told him what we were eating.

Here's our spread. I know this is Celebrity Dinner Parties, but I don't think big southern breakfasts should be disqualified.

Eddie and I have been friends for a little while now. The way we met is actually pretty funny...

I went to a Knicks game a few years ago with my friend, LL Cool J (he is obsessed with my crostinis, but I'll talk about that later). Anyway, after the game, this guy came up to us and he was asking me for my autograph and everything and sometimes that can be a little embarrassing, especially when I'm with other celebrity friends. But anyway, he was just so excited to meet me that he just totally missed the fact that LL Cool J was standing right next to me! So, once he figured it out he was apologizing, but we all had a laugh about it. That guy turned out to be Eddie Huang.

LL and I were thinking about going some place after the game so we told Eddie that we had to get going and he was like "Wait! Where are you going? I know a great place!" and I was a little skeptical, but LL was like "Oh yeah? Famous Adriane LOVES good food". So I just went along with it. As long as LL is on board, then so am I!

Long story short, we stumbled around the Lower East Side drinking Four Lokos and eating THE BEST drunk foods in NYC. Eddie really knew his way around and we just followed his lead. I had SO. MUCH. FUN. So many fun memories from that night! The crazy cab driver... those old wigs... that weird cat thing... THE FOOD... Just wild times!

Here's Eddie's last bite. He managed to make me proud with his appetite. Lord knows I love an eater!

Note from Famous Adriane's lawyer:

As Famous Adriane's legal counsel, I have advised her not to claim a personal relationship with Eddie Huang.

Although Famous Adriane has had her fair share of Four Lokos, she was more of a Sparks person during her time in New York City around 2004-2006. During that time, she never befriended LL Cool J and has never even been to a Knicks game. In fact, she has never even watched a game on TV.

This blog is purely a work of fiction and Famous Adriane makes no financial gains as a result.

-Mort Lawman, LL.M.

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