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Carnitas Tacos with Tony Hawk

Tony and I have an ongoing rivalry about who can eat the most tacos. For me, it depends on the taco. Since I wanted to win, I made some GOOD carnitas!

Tony and I have known each other for several years. We are both passionate about giving back to the community. When I heard about the Tony Hawk Foundation, I knew I had to be a part of it. I've always wanted to help less fortunate communities find a safe and legal place to skate. Skateboarding is not a crime!

When we first met, we discovered that we are both big fans of tacos. At the same time, we are both pretty competitive. So that's why we are always teasing each other about who could eat the most tacos. We've been talking about doing a showdown for quite some time, so now we are finally getting to do it. I know I can win!

Tony gets some pretty good tacos in California, but he knows he has to travel to the East Coast to get the real deal.

Now, I wasn't going to just make tacos alone. My evil genius plan was to make some addictive foods before we got around to tacos so that he would be too full to eat tacos.

The first thing I did was make some fresh tortilla chips. Who can resist that? Hot, glistening, fresh tortillas? Come on!

Look at that! Tony started digging right in and I knew my plan would work. I, however, only tasted one chip.

So the next irresistible food I made was Mexican street corn (elote). These are sooo good. I STRUGGLED not to eat the whole plate, but I had to keep my eyes on the prize.

If you want to make these at home, here is the recipe for Grilled Mexican Street Corn from Tasting Table. You definitely should...

Look at that sucker! Here he is on his first helping. He was completely powerless against the goodness of the elote. He helped himself to second and THIRD helpings. Oh, I've got this in the bag!

So, here was our spread. We had chips and salsa, Mexican street corn, carnitas, salsa verde, cilantro and onions, radishes and tortillas. He doesn't stand a chance!

I kept the corn on the table just to tempt him.

Here is my plate of delicious, crispy carnitas. The Carnitas recipe came from PaleOMG. I kept catching Tony sneaking handfuls of it. I didn't care! Go ahead! Eat up! My plan was totally working.

Here are my carnitas tacos. I have to admit, even though I only ate one tortilla chip and one piece of corn, I already was starting to feel full! This wasn't supposed to happen!!!

So, I changed the rules a little. Instead of the contest being whoever ate the most tacos wins, we decided it would be whoever eats 3 tacos the quickest wins. After that, any additional tacos are just for bragging rights. I'm not one for bragging, but I definitely wanted to try and eat more than 3!

Just one bite and Tony forfeited. He wanted to savor every bite and I don't blame him. I didn't really want to inhale them either (even though I could). So we put our rivalry aside and just relished the moment. We don't get to see each other as much as we'd like so we decided to "be nice" and just eat at a reasonable pace while discussing things like kickflips, railslides, ollies and other skateboard terms that I know a lot about... Just that alone felt like winning!

But also, I ate 2 more tacos after our initial 3, so even though he forfeited and I already won, I also earned it. No mistaking it- I was the winner! Yay!

Note from Famous Adriane's lawyer:

As Famous Adriane's legal counsel, I have advised her against claiming a personal relationship with Tony Hawk.

Although Famous Adriane exaggerates the extent of her charitable donations, she actually did contribute some money to the Tony Hawk Foundation. However, the amount is certainly not enough to catch the attention of Tony Hawk.

She has never had interest in skateboarding and has never even played the Tony Hawk Proskater game.

The details of this blog are purely a work of fiction and Famous Adriane makes no financial gains as a result.

-Mort Lawman, LL.M.



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