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Beef Chow Fun with Paul Giamatti

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Paul and his wife stopped by to enjoy some of my world famous Beef Chow Fun, but as a special surprise I made it gluten-free! Who needs gluten anyway???

When I asked Paul what he wanted me to fix for him and Elizabeth, he told me he really wanted me to make Beef Chow Fun. That's what I made him last time and he told me he just couldn't get it out of his head.

"But, Paul" I said, "Aren't you sick of Chinese noodles? I see you eat so much on your most recent, successful show, Billions". He explained to me that nothing compares to my cooking and that all that stuff he eats on the show never truly satisfies what he wants.

So even though Paul wasn't complaining, I took it upon myself to modify the recipe to make it completely gluten-free. Everyone knows, when you eliminate gluten from your diet, you immediately become healthier, happier and much more interesting. I'm just looking out for my friend's guts and well being, you know? He'll never know the difference!

Beef Chow Fun (gon chow ngau ho) uses rice noodles, so I didn't have to modify the noodles since they are already gluten-free. However, I did have to use tamari instead of regular soy sauce. The Beef Chow Fun recipe I used from The Woks of Life calls for dark soy sauce and since I knew it would be difficult finding dark soy sauce that was gluten-free, I decided to make my own! Luckily, there is a step-by-step video on YouTube with instructions.

The only other modification I made was that I added some carrots just because I had some on hand and figured some extra veggies never hurt anyone.

I'm glad this recipe came together so quickly. Paul was starving!

Just look at those beautiful noodles! And the fact that they're gluten-free makes it soooooo much better!

Paul and I have known each other since 2003 or so. Back then, I was really into indie films. Ever since I saw Ghost World, I was hooked! So I always did my best to help fund the little guys in the film industry. A lot of those great movies probably wouldn't have been made had it not for me, but I'm not taking the credit.

One of those films was American Splendor and I was just so impressed with Paul's performance. He really nailed that role and it's been so great to watch his career blossom like it has!

Paul was really chowing down! Get it? Because it's Beef Chow Fun? Oh, come on! I'm just having some fun!

Paul HATED that joke!!! lol he's so great...

Paul couldn't resist a second helping. See? Didn't I tell you he wouldn't notice how healthy I made it?

Later on, Elizabeth called me and thanked me for the lovely dinner and told me how great she and Paul felt after our meal. She couldn't believe how healthy and happy they both felt and she couldn't figure out why. So that's when I finally revealed the secret- NO GLUTEN! She couldn't believe it!

Note from Famous Adriane's lawyer:

As Famous Adriane's legal counsel, I have advised her against claiming a relationship with Paul Giamatti and his wife.

Despite having read some articles online, Famous Adriane is not a nutritionist and has no authority to make dietary restrictions on others. Readers should consult a physician in matters regarding health.

Furthermore, the only movie she ever "funded" was $75 to a Kickstarter for a documentary on Jazz in Baltimore. She had nothing to do with any indie films in the early 2000's.

The details in this blog are purely a work of fiction and Famous Adriane makes no financial gains as a result.

-Mort Lawman, LL. M.



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