Famous Adriane

Socialite, World Class Chef, Professional Photographer, Philanthropist

Hello, guests! I'm Famous Adriane and I love cooking for my friends! This blog documents all of the wonderful dinner parties I've had with my famous pals.* 

Having spent most of my life in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo, I decided it was time for a change of pace. I wanted to do what so many famous people have done before me and move to the middle of nowhere and begin a new life of homesteading. 

So with my newly purchased Tiffany mason jars, I settled in a town called Philadelphia. Never heard of it, right? Neither had I, but I've found that the simple life can be truly beautiful and fabulous... with the right people and good lighting. 

Despite being very busy with my philanthropy and various side projects with the most famous and talented people in the world, I still try to keep this site going for my fans. After many years of keeping this lifestyle to myself, I am ready to reveal  the details of my glamorous life to all of you regular people out there! 

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*All celebrity dinner parties are fictional, but could totally happen in real life if I wanted it to. 

**All photography and content is my own. No one has been hired to cook or take pictures (even though I could afford it). 


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